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Eco-Friendly <br>Portable Shopping Tote Bags Organizer
Eco-Friendly <br>Portable Shopping Tote Bags Organizer
Eco-Friendly <br>Portable Shopping Tote Bags Organizer
Eco-Friendly <br>Portable Shopping Tote Bags Organizer
Eco-Friendly <br>Portable Shopping Tote Bags Organizer

Portable Shopping Tote Bags Organizer

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In USA, An American use 36 shopping bags a year on average,the recycling rate ofshopping bag is only 3%.So what is the cause of this situation?

  1. Most of the supermarkets use plastic shopping bags,this kind ofshopping bag can usually only be used once.
  2. Most people don't have a good storage after using the shoppingbag,so they can't find it when they need use it again.
  3. Many reusable shopping bags are of poor quality,it can't be reusedmany times.

Main Features:

  • Easy to operate: pull the tag to release shopping bag, use finger holes to roll bag back up into disk
  • Portable, compact design: it can collect the shopping bag into the small disk, convenient to take anywhere
  • Large capacity with durable nylon fabric: 5L large capacity can meet your daily shopping requirement 
  •  Each bag made of nylon is light-weight however the rip-stop fabric adds to the strength for holding up to 35lbs
  • Eco-friendly: choose the repeatable using shopping bag, refuse the disposable plastic bags
  • SANAFOR antimicrobial technology provides protection against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product degradation.


High-quality waterproof fabric
Material: aluminum alloy, ABS, nylon
Spreading size: 33 x 40 x 10cm
Package Contents: 1 x Shopping Bag

 Howmuch pollution does a thrown-out shopping bag have on the environment?

 According to the statistics,burning plasticbags will generate a lot of harmful gas such as sulfur dioxide,benzol,acetoneetc.

So how much pollution will the shoppingbags discarded by 400 million Americans have on the environment?

Oh,mygod! I can't imagine......

In response to this situation, shopping bag that is easy to store and can improved reuse rate.It is made ofnylon material,more durable than canvas materials,no damage will occur.usuallyyou can put it in a small box,and hanging on any one of the storage hooks,Sothat you can remember to bring it before you shop.This will greatly improve its reuse rate.